Truck mud guard recycler Melbourne Geelong - GT RecyclingAre you looking for someone to take away those old plastic truck mud guards that are clogging up the yard? Get in contact with GT Recycling. We’re a truck mud guard recycler Melbourne & Geelong and can help free up some space.

Plastic truck mud guards contain recyclable materials so don’t let them go to landfill. Get them picked up from your doorstep and feel good about them getting turned into new products.

Easy pickup from a truck mud guard recycler Melbourne & Geelong

If you have plastic truck mud guards piling up then please get in contact. GT Recycling is a plastic truck mud guard recycler Melbourne & Geelong and offers a specialised vehicle collection that does regular runs through parts of Melbourne and Geelong. We pride ourselves on the fast and efficient collection services and customised collection bins so if you’re looking to get rid of plastic truck mud guards then please get in touch via the form below.

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