IMG_2625-e1470018504479-boostEfficient and reliable collection service from a Garden Pot Recycler greater  Melbourne and Geelong regions

GT Recycling is a garden pot recycler that operates a collection service for nurseries in the greater Melbourne and Geelong regions.

Nursery garden pots are generally made of recyclable PP plastics marked with the recycling symbol “5”. Garden pots can be recycled into a number of new plastic items including building materials, outdoor furniture and even back into garden pots.

Nurseries use thousands of garden pots and seedling trays every year. And because of the soil content they become difficult to recycle. With its modern technology, GT Recycling can decontaminate and recycle the garden pots to produce a high quality, clean plastic product.

Garden pots can be picked up (minimum volume applies) or dropped off at our Geelong location.

We pride ourselves on the fast and efficient collection services in the greater Melbourne and Geelong regions so please get in touch via the form below.

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